Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Issue one of a zine I do

Hey, this is a zine that I take part in creating. It's a little bit of everything and feel free to download it. We're going to try and get it reissued in paper format as I prefer to keep things traditional but While money doesn't grow on trees and three out of the four people who write this thing are unemployed it will have to stay firmly within the realm of the digital.
Guilty Parties

a DIY guide to making a wallet

I've spent the last few weeks being unemployed and it's given me the ideal chance to get some of the projects done I've relegated to a dusty corner of my room. This is a DIY wallet that I've been meaning to make for a while. It's pretty rad, the idea just came from the wonderful internet but I've adapted the template to make it completely suited for what I need. It has two note sections so I can keep receipts or useless crap in one and my make believe money in the other, 3 card holders that can fit a few cards in each and a clear ID/ drivers license pocket for when I get my drivers license re-ordered after some silly bitch stole it. The wallet pictured was made for a friend who didn't want to use a leather one anymore. The materials cost around £1.50 and it took around an hour to make completely but I was watching something on the great wall of china at the same time. It was a good way of spending a rainy summers afternoon.
How to make a tape wallet